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The Phoenix is the ancient fire bird from Greek and other cultural mythologies. It was said to live for 1,000 years. Near the end of its life-cycle, it built a nest from cinnamon twigs and set itself and the nest ablaze. Out of the ashes arose a new Phoenix to live again for another 1,000 years. A drop of its tear would instantly heal any wound and make the person indestructible and immortal. No harm could befall it.


It is this notion of renewal and regeneration that inspires Phoenix Wellness Services. Recent evidence points to the body's ability to regenerate in ways never known before. It is encoded into our DNA but how to trigger this is only now being understood. Even neurons - our brain's unique cells - have been shown to repair and regenerate to some degree.


Based on the latest research, Phoenix Wellness Services offers the very best in testing and nutritional recommendations for you to take control of your health today. The services offered are drawn from decades of experience and backed by numerous clinical studies and time proven remedies. Phoenix Wellness Services now has a library of over 6,000 clinical studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals world-wide. They are available within the relevant articles published on this web site. Other studies are available by request. All studies are in the Adobe Reader Adobe Reader PDF file format. You will need Adobe Reader Adobe Reader downloaded on your computer to view the studies. (A download link is provided below)


from Botanical (herbal) medicine, clinical nutrition and Oriental medicine, this site offers Educational and Professional services that are natural, safe, highly effective and time proven. With continuing research, this site helps you take charge of your own health responsibly. By using these Principles you can achieve Optimal Health. This can be summarized as that state of being which is not only free of disease, but epitomizes our highest expression of health, love and peace of mind. It is equanimity - a balance of body, mind and spirit.   

Below are links to the 3-part article written in 2003/2004 for "Nexus: New Times" Magazine.


This will give you details and the basics on Enzyme Nutrition Therapy



Nexus: New Times Article on Enzyme Nutrition Therapy

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